How To Book a Party

Why hire us?
Because we travel to YOU!  We can meet in your dining room or another location of your choice such as a worship center, school, restaurant, club house or even your garage. Since you are not meeting at a public local bar you will save money on food and the entire family, including the kids, can paint together.  You can dress how you want, be as obnoxious as you want and even go barefoot or throw a pajama party.  The best part is that you will be safe and surrounded only by the people that you know. By hiring us you are supporting a local artist and a small, woman owned family business. Thank you!

How do I book a private U’Paint N’Party event?
1. Contact us first to set a date:
Contact us at least two weeks in advance to see if we are available to meet on your selected day. 757-856-3855 is a land line in my home office or email at  upaintnparty@aol) Although we have a team of instructors, Saturdays book up months in advance.  I often dont answer if I am working, so please leave a voice mail.  My landline phone does not take texts.

See below for ticket costs and details on pricing.

2. One week after booking your party:
We can hold your date as pending for one week to give you time to pay your DEPOSIT and agree to our Contractual TERMS. Once you have read the contract and made your deposit please send me an email stating that your deposit is paid and that you agree.   Your date is not booked until we receive this email from you. If we dont receive the deposit and agreement with in a week of booking your event, your party will be automatically cancelled.

The $40 deposit is applied towards the total cost of your party. 

3. Plan your event:
You should plan on having your space ready before we arrive. We arrive around an hour early to set up. We suggest that you ask your guests to arrive at least 15 - 30 minutes before the class starting time so that they have a chance to say hi, fix a drink and mingle.  We must start no later than 30 minutes from our agreed start time, so if you have that one friend who runs hours late, tell them we will start with out them!  If they arrive late, they still must finish with the class as a courtesy to others.  Most classes take about 2 to 2 and a half hours.

Remind your friends that they should wear old clothing even though we provide aprons.  You provide the tables, chairs, disposable plastic table cloths and drop cloths if you have carpet. If you wish to have a drop cloth to protect your carpet we suggest using plastic disposable table cloths and taping them down with strong tape to avoid tripping  hazards. 

Leave enough room around the table for each guest to have room to work and room to allow the instructor walk around each guest. A 6 foot table will comfortably fit 4 average sized adults or 6 kids, Have these set up before the instructor arrives please. 

Pick a canvas at our gallery.  

I can create a new class for you for only an additional $40.  It takes many hours to create a new class so please let me know at least a few weeks in advance if you want something new.

If you wish to hold your event at a restaurant, we can make some great restaurant recommendations for you to follow up on.  Be sure to tell the restaurant manager that we need all tables ready for set up 1 hour in advance.  The host and instructor should arrive to the restaurant at least one hour in advance.

We will contact you a day or so before your event to make sure that everything is ready. Remember, if you dont pay the deposit or agree to the contract your party will be cancelled.  If your guest count increases by more than 5 people  we must be notified at least a few days in advance so that we can purchase extra supplies.  

4. One hour before the event:
Your instructor will arrive 1 hour before start time to set up.  Larger parties may require additional set up time.  Please have your tables covered with disposable table clothes, drop cloths taped to the floor (carpet floors only) and chairs set up BEFORE we arrive so that we can start on time.  You wont be able to reuse these table clothes since they will be covered in paint. The host must be present at the time of the instructor's arrival. 

We have several instructors, both men and women.  Usually they bring an assistant but sometimes they arrive alone.  We will tell you the names of our instructors in advance.  You may request a specific instructor or a specific gender in advance.  The instructor could change at the last minute due to illness or other issues.

5. Party time!
Your guests pay you in advance of the party.  The responsible host will give us one payment at the end of the party based on a head count. If your guests wish to pay in check or credit, we ask that they they pay the host, and the host makes one payment to us, preferably in cash, but we also accept check and credit..  We do not carry cash change.  If you use a check please make it out to Emily Flowers.  Checks must be for the correct amount, not written over the cost of the party.  However, if your business requires a pre-written check and it is more than our final count, we can mail you the difference after your check clears the bank.

If less than 8 guests arrive the host is responsible for paying us for a minimum of 8 guests.  The host is also responsible for paying late start fees and long distance travel fees if applicable.  

The host is responsible for getting the guests to the easels on time and finishing their paintings before the end of the party.

We encourage your guests to eat, drink and dance during the party.  They will paint along with us for about 2 hours to complete an easy masterpiece.  After about 2 hours we will take a group photo. FUN FUN FUN!

Play some awesome dance music,  decorate, prepare great food, have a great time!!

​Other important information:

Small Private House party
$25 per ticket,   Minimum requirement of 8 guests. 

Large Private House Party:
$22 per ticket, 20 guest minimum, 80 guest maximum

School/ Military/ Senior Centers and Worship Centers 
$20 per ticket 
  • 8 guest minimum.  

$18 per ticket 
  • If you are hosting a fundraiser the cost of the tickets are discounted to $18 There is a minimum of 20 painters to receive this cost.  If you have less than 20 guests we can still hold the event but will charge the cost of a normal private party. You may charge your guests whatever price you wish and the difference is applied towards your cause.

Other costs
Guest minimum
  • We have an 8 guest minimum payment for all parties. If you have less than 8 guests we can still hold the event, but will be required to charge for a total of 8 guests. The host is responsible for paying for the 8 guest total. Since our price is so low, many clients host parties with less than 8 people and simply charge their guests a bit more to accommodate for the additional cost.

Long Distance $40
  •  If you live on the south side of the HRBT ot yhr MMT, or would like for us to travel over 60 miles round trip from our home office which is near the corner of Jefferson Ave and Denbigh Blvd in Newport News, there will be an additional $40 charge for a long distance travel fee. Long distance usually includes Virginia Beach, Portsmouth, Chesapeake and parts of Norfolk.

Refundable Deposit $40​
  • You are required to pay the $40 deposit to hold your date with in one week of making your appointment. This deposit will be applied to your party. If we have not received the deposit and your email with the terms agreement with in one week of choosing your date we have the right to cancel your party.  Pay for your deposit and read the terms at this link: DEPOSIT

  • If you cancel your event 7 days before the date of your party we will issue you a full deposit refund. If you give at least 48 hours’ notice of cancellation we will issue you credit to be used towards a future party. If you cancel without notice the deposit will not be refunded. If we need to cancel due to bad weather we will reschedule your party using the same deposit. 

Commission a Special Canvas  $40​
  • If you don't see something you love in our GALLERY, You may commission us to make something special just for your group. The cost to commission a special painting is $40 and must be ordered and paid for at least 2 weeks in advance. It takes several hours to research and compose a new class.  We can not create a canvas taken another painting company for legal reasons, but we can use their work as a reference.  We can not create a canvas of a licenced character or logo such as sports teams or cartoon characters.  Plagiarism is illegal.

Late start fee $40
  • If you think you might need to delay your painting start time by more than 30 minutes from our agreed start time you will not be charged a late start fee if you can give us a few hours notice before we leave for your event.  If however you request that we start later than 30 minutes from the scheduled time after we arrive, or if you do not have your tables, disposable table cloths and chairs set up before we arrive causing us to start late, you will be charged the late fee.  Our time is valuable and most of our instructors have other jobs.
  • We suggest telling your guests to arrive earlier than the start time.  Since it is rude to start late due to late arriving  guests, we prefer to start without them and they may paint with us after they arrive, but are required to finish on time, in about 2 hours. (Late arrivals are highly disrupting to the rest of the class since the instructor has to stop teaching and help them to catch up.)

Is there an additional show up fee?
  • No. Other than the possible long distance travel fee of $40, a new creation fee of $40 or the very rare late start fee of $40 mentioned above, we do not charge extra to paint with you.  

Other questions:
What are our event TERMS?
Our terms are really pretty simple and common for most entertainment companies.  They are mostly based on past experiences. They are intended to allow you to have a smooth and well organized event.  If you do not agree with anything please just let us know so that we can work with you.

Does the paint stain?
Yeah DUH!!!!! Please ask your guests to leave their ball gowns and tuxedos at home and wear old clothes. 

Do you need to have artistic ability to host a U’Paint N’Party event?
Nope!  You only need to have a positive attitude and be able to hold a paint brush. We will show you step by step how to create your painting so you and your friends can just relax and have a great time. Its all about having fun!

Can I use a Groupon Voucher?  
Yes, but we only accept up to 7 vouchers per event.  Additional tickets must be paid for at the door at the regular price.  All vouchers must be given to the instructor at the time of payment so that we may redeem them.

What materials does U’Paint N’Party provide for each party?
We provide table easels, canvases, acrylic paints, palettes, water cups, brushes, aprons, and paper towels.  We do not charge extra for the bad jokes.

What does the host provide?
Mostly we require running water, decent lighting, chairs, tables (covered in disposable plastic table cloths before we arrive), and if we are painting in a carpeted area please also cover and tape down disposable tablecloths. Have your room ready before we get there please. Consider providing food, drinks, decorations, great music and door prizes for a memorable event.  Its your party, have fun!

We can not attend a party where there are illegal substances being used.  Sorry all of you Willie Nelson fans.

Does each guest get to paint a different acrylic painting?
All guests paint the same canvas.  However, even though you are all doing the same painting we encourage artistic license, and no two paintings ever turn out the same. Check out some group photos on our Facebook page to see the variety of results.  

How long does the private party usually last?
You should plan for a total of around 3 and a half hours.  You and Your instructor will arrive 1 hour in advance to set up. The class itself usually takes around two hours.  When everyone is done we clean up in about a half hour.  

Do you have a minimum or maximum amount of guests you can allow at a party?
We require no less than 8 guests. We have the supplies for 80 guests.  Please just let us know your numbers as soon as possible so we can hire extra instructors

Make sure you have enough room for all of your friends. Expect your guests to get in and out of their seats too. Each paint setting requires about 2 feet of table space so an average 6 foot table will seat 6 kids or 4 large adults.

Is there an age requirement to attend a party?
If the child is under the age of 8 we only ask that they sit next to an adult who will take responsibility for their behavior and give a helping hand.  Really little painters can share a canvas with a parent. The adult is not required to paint their own canvas if they are assisting a child.

We ask that babies, toddlers and small tame or wild animals are not in the room during the party for safety reasons. Dogs eat paint and it is toxic. Your instructor is a klutz who tends to trip over small objects such as pets and babies.

Can we have the party outdoors?
Nope. One good breeze and all of your canvases and pallets go flying!  Also, many guests and some of our instructors are heat sensitive.

We look forward to painting with you.  Thank you for supporting a local female owned family business!
Newport News, Virginia
(757) 856-3855
A Painting Party on Wheels
We do not teach in public but meet privately at your house, worship center, school or workplace.