A Painting Party on Your Computer
You and your family can have a painting party by painting along with Emily on your computer or in person

(757) 879-9795
Book Your Party
1.  Call Emily at 757-879-9795 or email at EmilyChristoff@aol.com to check if your desired date is available.  Remember to give yourself enough time to purchase your supplies.

2.  Pay the $45 deposit for your class at the time of booking.  This deposit is applied towards your party.  It is non refundable unless you give the artist a 24 hour notice of cancelation.  It can be paid on the phone, paypal or check.  Your party is not reserved until this deposit has been paid.

3.  The price for the party is $45 for 1 - 4 students.  Each additional student is $10.  This is a 50% reduction in price from the live parties.  You may use as many devices as you wish for the event as long as each painter pays in advance.

4.  One day before your event I will email your code so that you can meet me on Zoom.  You do not need to be a Zoom subscriber to join the party.  

5.  Choose your painting no later than one day before the event.  All painters will create the same canvas, however they may use what ever colors they wish and make liberal changes to their own canvas.

6. If you plug your computer into your tv your group can see the entire process. Each class is done live through a video camera, so I will be there with you every step of the way. I often use stencils, so I will email the stencil to you to print and show you how to trace it.

7.  If you want to paint something other than what you see in the gallery I charge an additional $45 to create a new class.

8. The host should set up as close to the monitor as possible to get the attention of the guests when it is time to move onto a new step of the painting.  The host may need to demonstrate to the class if they cant see the monitor.  It is the host's responsibility to start the event on time, control the party and end the party on time by working with me.

​You provide the supplies. They are as follows:

  1. 11 x 14" canvas. (You may choose any other size if you prefer, but please let me know so that I can adjust the stencils)

  2. Acrylic paints in the following colors below.  I suggest no less than a pint per color for a small class.

3. Styrofoam plates to use as your pallet
4. Small Dixie cups for mixing larger amounts of color
5. Disposable drinking cups filled with water for rinsing brushes
6. A small and medium flat brush
7. A small liner brush
8. A large foam brush
9. A cheap sponge, cut into smaller pieces.
10.Paper towels
11.Disposable plastic table cloth to protect your furniture. (Paint stains)
12.Wear old clothing or provide aprons
13. Table easels are optional.

My calendar fills up quickly so please call as early as possible to book your class. Please note that due to Covid I do not travel to your location to teach, I only teach on line.