A Painting Party on Wheels
We do not teach in public but meet privately at your house, worship center, school or workplace.
Newport News, Virginia
(757) 856-3855

$40 deposit
Paypal Link
$40 Paypal payment for deposit
Check made out to Emily Flowers
609 Dorene Place
Newport News, VA 23608

This is our home residence, not a business location.  
Call us at 757-856-3855  (Land line) to pay by telephone using a credit card.
There are 3 different options for making your $40 deposit.
This deposit is applied towards your final cost.
1. Paypal
2. Mail a personal check
3. Credit by Telephone

To read a detailed explanation of these terms please go to the link, Home Party.

The deposit and agreement to these terms are required no later than one week after booking your event.  

1.  The responsible host must be present at the location from the time that we arrive until we are done cleaning up.  We arrive about 1 hour in advance of the party.  

2.  If we arrive and set up on time, and you ask us to delay the class start time by more than 30 minutes, there is an additional $40 late fee. As a professional courtesy to your guests and to us, we prefer to start with in this 30 minute time frame and have late guests join in late instead of delaying the event by more than 30 minutes.

3.  Paint stains! We provide aprons but U’paint N’Party is not held legally responsible for paint stains in your location, or on your guest's clothing if those stains are made by your own guests. 

If you have carpet consider taping down some disposable table cloths over the entire carpeted area in the room. Taping avoids tripping. Ask your guests to wear old clothes. You provide the plastic disposable plastic table clothes for your tables. These can not be reused.  Paint does not stain linoleum or wood floors or skin.

4.  If your guest count increases by more than 5 guests we must have a 48 hour advance notice.

5.  If you give less than a two week notice of cancellation your deposit will not be refunded.  If you give us more than a two week notice your deposit will be applied towards a future event or refunded. 

6.   If you live on the southside of the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel, or more than 30 miles from our home office there is an additional traveling fee of $40 added to the cost of your party.

7. Groupon tickets are limited to 7 tickets per party for private parties only. Please contact us before purchasing Groupon tickets to check for availability. If you do purchase Groupon please print the receipt and give it to us at the end of the party. Groupon is not available for fundraisers or school/worship parties since they are already reduced below the Groupon rate. 

8.  After the party is over the host and instructor will meet in private for the host to pay one payment in cash, credit or check made out to Emily Flowers. If less than 8 guests arrive the hostess is responsible for paying for the additional tickets.

9.  If a child is under the age of 8 we ask that they sit next to an adult who will take responsibility for their behavior and give a helping hand.  If they are younger they should "share" a canvas with an adult.

10.  For safety reasons we do not permit toddlers, babies or dogs in the same room that we are painting in.

11.  We have several instructors. Our instructors usually bring an assistant.  If you would like the name of your instructor or prefer a specific gender or a specific instructor for your party please let us know during the booking process.  

12.  We can not teach a party if there are illegal substances at the event.

13.  We will not teach a party outdoors.

1. Read the terms below
2. Pay your deposit using one of the methods below
3. Send an e-mail stating that you you paid your deposit and agree to our terms.

If you have questions about the terms or want an exemption from any term please just let me know.  I am actually very flexible. Your date is not held if I do not receive the acceptance email and deposit with in 1 week of selecting your date.
How to secure your event date


Once you have read the terms please reply by email that you agree with them, or you need an acceptation.