Making art should be fun!  By hiring a professional artist to travel to your home instead of you going to a local bar you will save money on food and drinks, your kids can paint with you, plus you can be as wild as you want and never even put your shoes on.  You can also be relaxed and feel safe since you wont be sitting with strangers. 

We do not require an additional "convenience fee"! All you pay for is the cost of the tickets*. 

Ticket cost:
  Small Private House Party,  8 guest minimum 

Large Private House Party, $22,  20 guest minimum

  School / Worship / military groups, $20 per ticket, 8 guest minimum. 

  Fundraiser, $18. 20 guest minimum.

*Long distance events require a non-refundable $40 long distance travel fee. Long distance is considered any event that is on the south side of Hampton, or more than 30 miles from our home office which is located near the corner of Denbigh and Jefferson ave. in Newport News, Va.

Emily Christoff Flowers
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(757) 856-3855
A Painting Party on Wheels
We will meet you privately at your house, worship center, school or workplace.
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