About U'Paint N'Party
My name is Emily and I own U'Paint N'Party, a small family owned business located in Newport News, Virginia. The idea to do private painting parties actually came to me about 20 years ago while I was working as a private art teacher and activities manager at several different time shares in Williamsburg, Virginia. Part of my job a that time  was to combine entertaining events with art classes for vacationers. I honed my fun teaching ideas for the next several decades, turning many easy art projects into fun art events and holiday parties.

When I realized that there were other people out there doing their own versions of this idea I  wanted  to give it a try outside of the resorts, but I wanted to try something different. Instead of just doing an art lesson at a bar like the average sip and paint company, I wanted to travel to the comfort your home, worship center, or school so that you can hold a function at a time and place that is convenient and affordable for you.  I also realized that there were many people who don't like to go to bars, don't want to hang out with strangers or that may want their children to join them in a safe setting. You cant do those things at a public painting party. To keep your costs down I do not charge an additional amount for the convenience of traveling to you as other local companies do.

Much to my surprise this idea was a gold mine.  I no longer work my full time job teaching art at the resorts and often have a month's waiting period to book my parties.  Starting my own business has also allowed me to pursue my life long dream of competing in art contests and shows as a full time professional studio artist.  Check out my inter-national award winning art at www.emilychristoff.com  I am doing what I love, and I hope that you will love painting with me!

Emily Christoff - Flowers received her bachelors in fine arts degree from Bowling Green State University and has been working as a professional artist and art teacher since 1984.  She does commissioned portraits and her paintings are shown at shows, galleries and national competitions.  She lives with her husband, a cat named Sophia and a 70 pound pit/lab puppy named Albus Dumbledog in Newport News, Virginia.

See her internationally award winning work at www.emilychristoff. com.

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We do not teach in public but meet privately at your house, worship center, school or workplace.