Painting Gallery
Emily and her staff will paint along with you and instruct you at every step of the way so that when you are done you will have a beautiful handmade painting that you will be proud to hang in your home.  pick a canvas from the gallery below.

Each painting is done on a 16 x 20 inch canvas using acrylic paint. We encourage students to use colors that make them happy, and not to copy our instructor exactly.  Stencils are often used for beginners, however the instructor will also talk students through creating their piece free hand if preferred.  Most designs are simple enough for an adult who has not taken art class since middle school.

Emily would be happy to create a new canvas just for your group for an additional $40.  

Emily Christoff - Flowers is an international award winning artist and also teaches Fine Art classes at Charles Taylor Art Center in Hampton VA.  See her award winning art at

(757) 856-3855

A Painting Party on Wheels
We meet privately at your house, worship center, school or workplace.
Family Tree
Butterfly Swirls
Latte Love
Beer O'Clock
Blessing Tree
Spring Blossoms
Shining Cross
Dog Day Dreaming
Crabby Day
Flip Flops
Writing in the sand, Couples Canvas
Dragonfly Starlight
Dolphin Dance
Elephant Sunset
Fashion Shoes
Fall Impressionism
Seaside Dream
Its Karaoke Time
Fourth of July Fireworks
Mountain Lake
Light House
Lolly Pop Garden
Love Birds
Palm Tree Sunset
Night Owl
Mars Landing
Snowman Couple
Music Swirl
Dream Catcher
Night Owl
Ornaments on a Branch
Dancing Christmas Tree
Modern Ornaments
Willow Magic
Beach Umbrella
Pine Lake
Sisterlove with Hat
Singing in the Rain
Sisterlove with Hair
Self Portrait
Level 5 difficulty
3 hour class, $5 in addition to each ticket.
Dancing Owl
Play Ball
Replace baseball with any other sports ball
Pouring Wine
Snow on the Fence
Peace Love
Daisy Petals
Unicorn / Horse
Eiffel Tower
Unicorn / Horse